MACCHIAVALLEY - professioneller Hersteller von Vollautomaten u. Siebträger-Espressomaschinen für perfekte Kaffee-Kreationen: Top marks in performance and taste for this premium coffee machine

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01. January 2015

Top marks in performance and taste for this premium coffee machine

Macchiavalley relies on “Made in Germany” with its new Cervino

More efficiency and more quality in the cup: mv-t GmbH, a company based in Farchant/Upper Bavaria, relies on extremely durable and robust quality components like the actively heated brew unit, for example, which has teflon-coated elements that make it really hard wearing. This long-life brew unit does not need to be checked until after over 60,000 shots as a preventive measure. Besides, the boiler in the new Cervino can be opened and closed again, allowing for resource-sparing replacement of the heating elements, plus energy can be saved thanks to the heat exchanger, and maintenance costs remain manageable. Not to forget that consideration of energy consumption, the use of raw materials and follow-up costs runs through Macchiavalley’s entire product range.

“Sustainability in the premium sector belongs to our corporate philosophy”, says Stefan Göring, CEO. “With all our fully automatic coffee machines, we attach importance to extreme durability and low follow-up costs which we achieve thanks to the modular construction, high quality of the components and fabrication in Germany. However, we also focus on sustainable management in production by using renewable energy as well as recyclable materials.“

It manages three and a half kilos of coffee beans per hour

The new Cervino model is designed for high performance and simple operation, so it needs a strong 400 volt / 4600 watt connection. It effortlessly manages to make delicious coffee specialties from up to 3.6 kg of coffee beans per hour, as the patented boiler with heat exchanger guarantees there will be no waiting time between the shots, and enables the Macchiavalley Cervino to easily handle sudden rush hours. Whether during a functional break, at peak time at the gas station or around lunchtime in the café: cappuccino, espresso, coffee, take-away coffee or hot chocolate are prepared in a matter of seconds. Each cup is prepared with fresh faucet water, and milk drinks can be prepared with 100 percent fresh milk.

Regarding operation, the Cervino hardly requires the help of service staff, for the 7 inch i-TouchScreen display leads one intuitively through the menus, which saves unnecessary buttons. The so-called touch-and-scroll function and the simple zooming of control panels enable an input with almost consummate ease. Steam and hot water wands as well as an active bean monitor save service staff work. The spout height of the Cervino can be quickly adjusted for cups, mugs or glasses via an elegantly designed slide bar, i.e. from low 5.5 to high 19.5 cm (ideal also to fill pots).

Top when it comes to milk froth and taste

The choice of one or two coffee mills, one container for chocolate powder and auto-cappuccino are taken for granted on the Cervino model, and an integrated milk pump ensures milk foam in top quality and always the right quantity. The AromaPerfect technology of the new model guarantees perfect extraction quality for every coffee specialty and each type of bean, because, with the aid of a rotational speed control, the contact pressure of the grounds is finely adjusted to the product.

This premium fully automatic coffee machine is equipped as standard with an innovative Hygiene Perfect concept in that, combined with the matching milk cooler, the milk system cleans itself HACCP-compliant and residue-free. A flick of the wrist activates the fully automatic cleaning system.

For the service technician, the Cervino is a dream, as he can quickly reach the interior of the machine due to its modular buildup. Over an interface, this high-performance machine is compatible with all current cash registers and public house and restaurant installations. Complete control enables an accounting system for up to 99 employees. If the Cervino is to be used in the self-service area, the selection buttons for each hot beverage can be directly programmed on the touch-screen.

Cervino, together with the Fuego models, makes up the premium duo in Macchiavalley’s portfolio. These new models set standards worldwide in professional coffee brewing; they come from the German manufacturing plant in Farchant, Upper Bavaria.

Cervino - even more Performance - even more Comfort