MACCHIAVALLEY - professioneller Hersteller von Vollautomaten u. Siebträger-Espressomaschinen für perfekte Kaffee-Kreationen: IQ-Technology


Technology with the right feeling for coffee

MACCHIAVALLEY machines feature revolutionary, patented and optimized technology for ideal temperature, grinding pressure and brewing processes.


Integrated hygiene and convenience

MACCHIAVALLEY’s HygienePerfect innovation – with the world’s only OneTouchCleaning System – guarantees a perfect, fully automatic milk cleaning system.


Sustainable energy concepts

The system components developed and applied by MACCHIAVALLEY save energy, reduce maintenance costs and offer a long service life.


Intelligent use of water

MACCHIAVALLEY technologies ensure careful, economical use of water as a valuable natural resource and guarantee pure, unadulterated coffee enjoyment.


Individual and versatile

Customized software configuration options ensure the ability to make adjustments to address specific customer concepts.


Efficient and economical

MACCHIAVALLEY develops products that lead the way in ease of maintenance. Their modular design assures low maintenance and service costs. The comprehensive service network guarantees rapid response times and professional service.



MACCHIAVALLEY IQ Technology provides top performance in excellent coffee quality, economy and sustainability. MACCHIAVALLEY’s developers are always optimizing brewing processes, the machines’ user-friendly design and the service options available. Inspire your customers with unsurpassed brewing and extraction quality and enjoy the benefits offered by optimum capacity performance, durability, energy consumption and ease of maintenance.

Premium-quality components for your success

LongLife Brewing Unit

LongLife Brewing Unit

Uncompromising quality that lasts

The active heated Long Life Brewing unit is defined not only by its extreme durability and low follow-up costs, but also about the superior quality of its beverages. The electronically controlled speed precisely adjusts the tamping pressure of the ground coffee for each individual product. VarioPerfect guarantees custom-tailored extraction quality for every coffee specialty and each type of bean. Preventative maintenance inspection of the LongLife Brewing Unit is not required until after over 60,000 cups have been made.

HeatExchange Boiler

HeatExchange Boiler

Uses less energy while delivering maximum performance that lasts

Pure innovation. The HeatExchange Boiler concept delivers unheard of performance and reduces energy costs. This combination boiler and heat exchanger also keeps cleaning and maintenance to a minimum.

i-TouchScreen Display

i-TouchScreen Display

Intuitive user interface

The new 7" TFT display with i-TouchScreen revolutionizes and simplifies operation and the setting options. All machine parameters and settings can be done quickly and easily. It features a high-resolution color display that attractively incorporates product images and recommendations and allows to customize the variety of products offered.

Comfort MultiFlow

Comfort MultiFlow

Unadulterated taste – standard

Contactless dispensing of coffee, chocolate and milk beverages via separate dual dispensers from a central, elegantly designed and practical spout system. You can always dispense two products at the same time, even ones that combine coffee, chocolate and milk.