MACCHIAVALLEY - professioneller Hersteller von Vollautomaten u. Siebträger-Espressomaschinen für perfekte Kaffee-Kreationen: Details



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A must-have for style-conscious espresso lovers

The art of preparing good coffee just got more compact. Excelsia boasts extensively developed professional technology in an eye-catching stainless steel design. Expect the best quality in the cup and quick, convenient preparation of outstanding espressi and creamy cappuccini.

EXCELSIA HER with heat exchanger system and rotary pump


Passion for Coffee Technology

  • Available as an entry-level version with tank and vibration pump
  • Also available at professional level with rotary pump plus function for switching between tank and mains water, suitable for both fixed and mobile use
  • High-tech heat exchanger
  • Individual temperature setting possible for every cup
  • Brew head actively heated using thermo-syphon technology
  • Temperature consistency ensures best possible taste

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