MACCHIAVALLEY - professioneller Hersteller von Vollautomaten u. Siebträger-Espressomaschinen für perfekte Kaffee-Kreationen: CERVINO


Greater performance – greater convenience

The new CERVINO coffee machine incorporates the same key technologies as FUEGO, but has more standard features with top-notch components that deliver even greater performance – for superior quality every time and low maintenance and service costs.


100% fresh milk plus Nature configuration for organic coffee: The brewing time is ideally extended and the brewing chamber is opened to ensure the best organic coffee aroma.

Thanks to the Silence soundproofing in the casing and the use of Silence grinders, the perceived volume is reduced by 50%.

Automatic Barista froth at its best: Active temperature control, from fluffy to dense, hand-frothed but automatically monitored, simultaneous production of milk froth and coffee, and much more besides.

D Range
You are able to produce four drinks simultaneously: Tea water, hot chocolate and two coffee specialities such as espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato.


Excellence in Coffee Technology

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